Friday, October 03, 2003

Neighbor stopped by today and asked me if I wanted to go halfs with him on an aeriator. I said sure, not giving it much thought. I mean, what guy wouldn't want to punch his yard full of holes?

I stumbled across a blog that made me laugh several times. Nice Josh. True wit rules all.

Funny thing when I was buying my jigsaw; the Home Depot guy asked me what kind of blades I needed. I told him I needed something that could cut through bone. The look he gave me made me think I was going to be hauled away by security. So I pressed my luck saying, my neighbors have been giving me trouble. And as if on cue, he turned towards the display of blades, pulled a small pack of the rack, and said, "These will cut through bone like butter". I looked at him, blinked twice, said thank you, and walked away. Afterwards, I wondered who was more crazy, theHome Depot guy, or me?