Friday, May 12, 2006

Awakened yet again

Throughout this journey called life, routines are established and attachments are made. How many people do you know who never watch television? How many people do you know who live without electricity and running water? Probably not many in this day and age.

Well folks, a metamorphasis has occurred in my life; an awakening of sorts.

Yesterday I showered in the rain.

It was cold rain with bits of hail in it, interestingly enough.

It invigorated me to no end.

As I stood there dripping wet from this sudden burst of energy from the sky, I gazed upon the sun shining through the clouds. Beams of yellow light shone down in shafts of radiance. It was spectacular.

I stood silent.

From my mouth, two words left my lips.

"Thank you"

Prior to this moment, I had prepared to take a shower with a cup and a jug of spring water from the grocery store. It was then when the rain exploded out of the sky, bringing with it just a slight peppering of hail. It was just long enough to get wet, lather up and rinse off, and then the rain stopped. That's when the shaft of golden sunlight beamed through the clouds.

I felt cleaner than I had ever felt before. The rain was clean and pure. I accepted it as a gift and thanked the earth for allowing me to bathe in it's elements.

I recommend this to everyone. Break the grips of routine and materialism. When you do, the earth will take care of you.

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