Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Hate Atlanta

I don't know exactly what it is, but I hate Atlanta.

Maybe it is the sprawl, or the ungodly amounts of traffic, or the criss-crossing roads that go nowhere but circle back into each other. Or maybe its the lack of cohesiveness. Nothing looks like it gels here. Its like the regurgitation of things other city's tried, and then decided was not good enough, so they donated it to Atlanta.

They do have a big airport, but that's about it.

Is there anyone out there that feels good about Atlanta?

And where do these people come from? The area I am in is more like a gigantic business park, but yet people are walking down the street, like they live right around the corner. Where are their houses?

And what's up with all the flat-brimmed hats?

I don't get it. I just don't get it.


  1. I hate it because everything's named Peachtree somethingoranother.

    Atlanta is a lot like Nashville, except without the soul we have here.

  2. I lived in Atlanta for 8 years. It was fun the first 4 years when I was in school.

    However, after I graduated and started working it grew old really fast.

    I am a black woman and the black men there all wanted to be rappers and singers. Many did not want to work and the white folks there in Atlanta were so racist but they knew not to show it "most times".

    The traffic was awful, there were too many homosexuals (and I don't have anything against them except the ones who are downlow or lie to their wives and girlfriends), etc.

    I just didn't like it there period.

  3. I lived in Atlanta for 2+ years and I hated every minute of it.My children hated it as well, they usually aclimate to any new place but they hated it and complained everyday.The traffic sucks and people are fake, and full of shit. I never met more liars and scammers in my life. Atlanta is a part or pit of hell. If I had to do it all over again, I would of never moved their. There is no reason why that city should exists, it is the worst commute, the people are a bunch of mixed mash of human beings with no brains. This is got to have been the worst place on God's green earth to live.

  4. I have lived in Atlanta for 2 years and I HATE IT! The Traffic is horrible! The people are fake! Don't try to go to an event will be stuck in traffic FOREVER! I am from Florida..and I miss being there. I am leaving as soon as I can. There does not seem to be a sense of peace here. Anyway...good thing I really LOVE my Husband...the next move will be on ME!

  5. Ive lived in Atlanta area for over 10 years and I dont have many good things to say about it. There arent enough freeways and everytime there is a plan to build a new one it goes down in flames (google Outer Perimeter). The crime and drug problem is outrageous. Most of the people are smuggy as hell. The job market isnt that great, ive been unemployed for months and im having a terrible time finding anything. The immigration problem is terrible. You drive by most convenience stores in my area in the morning and most of them have a parking lot full of illegals looking for work and the govt just looks the other way. The police are usually on a warpath to meet their quotas, and there are tons of them. Ive gotten numerous speeding tickets for going less than 10 miles over the speed limit along and other ridiculous charges and ive never had a ticket in my life before moving here. Dont get me wrong, I dont hate Georgia, just the Atlanta metro.

  6. Wow I do feel a little better reading this. Even though the post is over 3 years old. I just googled "I hate atlanta" and guess I'm not the only one. I feel so stuck here. Moved here from NY with my husband. We had a plan on only being here for 5 years and we are in our 6th. We can't sell our house and its now a trap. I don't even see an end of the tunnel now. and it makes me very sad. I just want to go home to NYC where people are real and not nice to your face just to talk crap behind your back. And I want to be able to take a subway that actually goes somewhere instead of driving in this horrible traffic every day. Cross your fingers that I get out soon.

  7. Anonymous black female said: " I am a black woman and the black men there all wanted to be rappers and singers. Many did not want to work and the white folks there in Atlanta were so racist but they knew not to show it "most times".

    The traffic was awful, there were too many homosexuals (and I don't have anything against them except the ones who are downlow or lie to their wives and girlfriends), etc."

    So black female is down on ALL white people for being racist when she herself admits that all black men don't work and want to be rappers (biggoted) and, she thinks there are too many gays. Wow, black female, good thing you aren't racist, homophobe, or biggoted like those evil white folk ehh??

  8. I am soooo sorry that I moved to Atlanta. My husband and I have been here for three years. We moved from NY and we are leaving next year. This place is nothing but a bunch of hype. It is a big ghetto with a nice facade. Everybody comes here and says oh wow what a nice and beautiful city and then they move here. This place is full of crooks and coons. They smile in your face and spit in your lemonade...the south sucks. If you move here this is what you can expect. Your credit will be ruined. Once to pass over the mason-dixie line expect your credit score to drop by 300 pts...just watch. You will be miserable at your job. You will meet racist, uneducated fools on a daily bases. Your kids will pick up the most ignorant accent on the planet. If you live in an apartment expect to pay for heat, gas, electric, water, trash and sewer. Yes thats right. If you rent an apartment for $900 a month, expect to pay about $1150 in the end. The south is the worst place on earth. This is hell. I can't wait to get out. Thank God I am not like some of those poor slobs who bought a house here. I can just pack up and go.

  9. If anyone lives in the Northern area of this country you will face culture shock when you get here. I would strongly recommend not comming to Atlanta. If you are already living in the South it may not be that bad for you.

  10. Everybody has it right. I used to visit here often for about 13 years. Then I thought I'd start fresh by moving here from NY. What a mistake. The drivers are the worst. I swear they don't know that the stalk that sticks out of the side of the steering wheel actually has a let other drivers know you are going to turn into their lane and cut them off. EVERY single day I drive someone cuts me off with no warning. They don't care because they're on the phone. I can't pump gas without someone coming up to me begging for money. In NY at least they sit there with a cup minding their business rather than be in my face with some 20 minute fabricated story of why they need $1.24 or some odd amount of money. I won't even bring up the education. How embarrassing! To teach here all you need is a high school diploma! Everyone is fake, they lie, act like they're Donald Trump when they're really Gary Coleman. Someone needs to do something about the crime! Every day some college kid is getting robbed, shot or killed. Everyone is out for themselves. In NY at least we know what the heck we're doing and move fast so we can get ahead.

  11. Hello all haters of Atlanta, I agree with you all and I am born and raised in Atlanta, educated too. I am not dumb, I can drive, and I hate this place as much each and everyone of you do. I plan to leave too. For a long time, I figured sustainable living and being a contributing member to my community would bring the necessary change that was needed but there is no room for innovation or growth in this city. Everything here is racially motivated and yes, there is no sense of unity. I am sorry that you all have had to taste the whore of the south but in her wickedness, we gained something greater. A pain that we could learn from.

  12. Well, well, well...
    Yes, Atlanta is a pit with absolutely no direction and culture.
    The education system is abyssmal - see Clayton County... The medical is ranked at the bottom in the U.S. statistically... Southern food is filled with saturated fried foods and vinegary overcooked vegetables. The air in Atlanta is an embarassment and downright poisonous as the EPA fines the city daily. The traffic and drivers are both revealing of the insanity that is deep rooted throughout the city.
    The crime can quite simply be described as a body count reported daily by the news. Guns and drugs (cocaine and meth) and wanna be gangsta rappers run about terrorizing peaceful citizens.
    Illegal aliens are bused in right from Mexico on Greyhound buses and commit crime daily as unscrupulous employers hire them right off the street corners.
    The city seethes with hate from the overwhelming black community towards the whites and the white minority hides and hates right back.
    The city and state demand a very high tax rate and reciprocates with scandal after scandal of fraud and abuse of tax payer monies.
    Thank God I am free and live in God's country in the peaceful and gentle Northwest - I earned this lifestyle - I put 10 years of my adult life in that $%##hole named Atlanta!

  13. First of all, I doubt any of you live and work in the city of Atlanta. The great fallacies about Atlanta are created because the massive sprawled out suburbs are included in the conversation about Atlanta.

    Clayton County is not Atlanta. Alpharetta is not Atlanta. Duluth, Marietta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Norcross, Snellville are not Atlanta. To every person who complains about the traffic and lives in any of these areas, congratulations. All of you are the creators of the problem complaining about the problem.

    Move intown, skip the traffic, and make the city a better place.

    1. Those counties may not be Atlanta per se, but they revolve around the city proper, like spokes around the hub of a wheel.

  14. You are funny. Maybe your life experience has only allowed you to live in Atlanta. The place is a rat hole. Please - do not move to a truly great city like Seattle. We do not accept applications from retards! LOL

  15. I hate Atlanta because of the state government. This State is so in debt that we have police officers giving tickets to people driving 77 mph on the high way. Don't they have other things to do? Like cathing people causing real crimes. My husband and I will get the hell out of here soon. This state certainly feels like its going down down down...

  16. too many darkies, talkin' on the phone at 110db, ignorant, and teach their kids nothing but how to collect welfare and put 22s on their 86 caprice classic.
    then there are the gays, lots of them. they don't bother me too much, only the fact that most girls you meet are gay. simply avoid most gyms because they are littered with cruisers.
    no sense of community. schools are the worst in the nation. most of the city was built in the 80s and falling apart.
    i'm outta here. the blacks can keep this city. it should be their emblem -- one big ghetto.

  17. My husband and I moved out of Atlanta 2 weeks ago, and I literally thank God every day that we got out of that ghetto, sh*thole of a city. I lived in that god-awful city for 11 years. Each year I lived there it became more and more ghettofied. I'm so glad that I don't have to live in constant fear of getting mugged when I'm doing my grocery shopping any more. The blacks took over that city and have destroyed it. They can have it. I never want to go back there, ever again. *Shudder*

  18. Atlanta is lacking in real diversity and culture the city is boring. No free museums, you have to valet park everywhere, and the traffic is horrendous. The people in general are either ignorant, lazy, not articulate, and seem to be unmotivated. I must leave ASAP!!!!!

  19. Im a straight black handsome man. Atlanta sucks. Pretty women with no brain even though they have degrees who wonder why they are still single at 45.Lazy miserable people. Beantown is the best!!!