Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Somethin' Ain't Right

When one deals with lies and deceit on a daily basis like I do, the people who lie the most, typically are the most entertaining. I listen intently and nod in agreement to the stories they tell, when all the while I am thinking to myself, "What a crock of shit!". I love how people actually think I believe anything they say. Its reverse psychology of sorts.

The best part is when you nonchalantly call them on a lie without indicating the fact that you indeed know they are lying. The ensuing cover-up tactics are even more humorous as you watch the lier try to fumble through the lies and validate them in front of you. Its as if they are trying to convince themselves, and then they look at you and go, "right?", as if actually asking, "do I need to blow any more smoke up your ass, or was that enough?"

I used to lie as a child quite a bit. It was fun to live in the fantasy world created by the numerous lies. But now, being a grown folk, lies chip away at integrity to such a great extent that one no longer looks at a lier and views them with any value.

From that point on, it is all for entertainment purposes only.

That's when live goes from serious to theater.

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