Saturday, July 26, 2008

Who am I fooling?

I am an amalgam of everyone I have ever met. Yet I strive to find the real person behind the blend. But maybe that's it. The blend is the real person. Growing up with so many different friends with so many conflicting ideas and cultures, I found it hard to mix it all together. Birthday parties for me would be like bringing together all walks of life, rich, poor, good, bad, and throwing them into a room together. For an outsider, watching me transform effortlessly and fluently into my different characters would be something to behold.

The only one who's ever really noticed this thing about me is my ex-wife. So strange actually. Through all the abrasiveness of that relationship she was still able to see me as me. Kudos to her for that.

My mom just called as I was writing this, and I was trying to encourage her to do something now, and instead of saying, "There's never a better time than now", I said, "There's never a time for the better." Apparently she understood me completely. I mangle phrases like that all the time. Funny.

Gotta run...

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