Monday, March 01, 2010


There was a chemical spill on the interstate this afternoon. I know all the back roads between my house and Nashville, so that wasn't a problem. What *was* a problem, was my insatiable desire to see what happened. I wanted to know what spilled, what caused it to happen, and take pictures of it all. Unfortunately, I was not able to do this, because of all the road blocks and blue lights. I suppose if I would have hiked five miles through the woods, I could have gotten a glimpse of something, but I didn't have a camera with a flash, and it was getting late.

The news on the radio didn't know what the chemical was that spilled. How can they not know? If it was hazardous enough to close several miles of interstate, shouldn't they know what it is? I am going to wonder about it until I can dig up some news article about what really happened.

I'm just so perplexed!

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  1. Rubbernecking! It is my favorite past time ... it is hard to turn away from a disaster of any kind. You are that guy that pauses at a wreck to see what you can see as all the other cars behind you pause and honk!